Travis Satterfield

Travis founded the band in 1998 and has strived to make
it the most successful Floyd tributes in the nation.  Travis'
love for Pink Floyd started when he received his first
album "The Wall" as a young kid.

 Gunter Heydman

Gunter is David Gilmour's guitar teacher. He
to David routinely and advises him on
his setups. Gunter has been playing guitar
 since before he was born.
 (click for more pics)

 Brad Oldham

Brad's parents were professional musicians and as a
result, Brad grew up around music and has been
playing since he was a kid.  He never gets tired of playing
Pink Floyd.  (click here for full bio & pics)
 Vince Guerin

Vince began piano at age five.  By nine, he was studying under one of the top classical instructors in the state.  Vince loves playing Pink Floyd and has mastered the "Rick Wright Sound".  (click here for full bio & pics)
 Keith Williams

Close your eyes and you will swear you hear Dick Parry on stage. (click here for pics)
 Justin Krause

Justin has been playing since age 12, listening to all types of music. He has toured Europe and all over the US. 
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Rachel Beene

Rachel recently moved to the DFW area from Brooklyn, NY.  Most of her influences are drawn from musical theatre, jazz, blues, and rock. When not performing with Bricks, Rachel is found roaming the streets at night for spare change.
Samantha Newark

Samantha is best known for her Truly outrageous voice-over work as "Jem and Jerrica" on the beloved cartoon series "Jem and the holograms".  She is also an accomplished singer songwriter with her original music and vocals showcased on many popular CW and MTV shows.

(click here for full bio and pics)
 Tiffany Belle

Tiffany has been singing and performing in choirs and bands since she was a child. She is from LA and grew up in a very diverse musical home. Tiffany’s influences come from blues, jazz and rock. When not singing with Bricks, she is a professional studio musician.
 Jay Hogg
(Sound Engineer)

Jay was a contractor for Pink Floyd's famous Brittania Row Productions and worked with Floyd during their Pulse Tour.  Jay has worked with numerous world famous bands.
 Casey Richardson
(Video Engineer)

Casey has been working in video since 1996.  Since joining the band, he has incorporated many of the sound effects and video you see in the show presentation.
 Ryan Vaughn
(Light Designer/Director)

When Ryan isn't touring the country with the band, he is busy as his alter-ego DJ Ryan and spins in some of the best clubs in the country
   Steve Jander
(Laser Engineer)

Steve was the laser engineer for Roger Waters' 2008 Dark Side Of The Moon world tour.  In addition to working with
Roger, he has worked with Led Zeppelin, The Who and other world famous bands.
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