Red January - Vocals

RED: the hottest color in the spectrum. It symbolizes boldness and intense heat; is daring and untouchable. Fire.

JANUARY: the coldest month of the year. Fierce. Chilling to the bone. January's essence beholds sharp winds and bitter cold. Ice.

Comparable to the legend of the Phoenix is the story of a songbird named Red who was once consumed by fire, but has now arisen renewed from the ashes.

Red January hails from Topeka, Kansas and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. While working as an administrative contractor, she writes her own music while juggling family and her music grind. With gospel roots, Red maximizes the use of her range and caters to her audience. Her style evokes emotion and expresses life experiences common to us all - triumphs and losses; joys and sorrows. Red delivers every mood. Her life unfolds in her music; the loneliness, the love, the luxuries, the longings... Jazzy, throwback soul mixed with futuristic funk will leave you refreshed and wanting more.

Her debut project, Scarlet Letter, is currently in the works and is yet to be released. However, she has actively been performing at events across the DFW Metroplex since early 2015. Follow the Red January movement!!

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