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Travis Satterfield - Guitar/Vocals Travis founded Bricks In The Wall in 1998 and it has become the longest touring Pink Floyd Tribute i..... View Profile
Eddie Holyfield - Bass/Vocals

Eddie has been playing the bass since age 14 and is a huge fan of classic rock. He is trained in.....

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Tiffany Belle - Vocals

Tiffany has been singing and performing in choirs and bands since she was a child. She is from LA.....

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Keith Williams - Sax/Guitar/Vocals Born into a musical family, Keith got his first saxophone at age 11. His father was a guitarist with..... View Profile
Jenny Hepworth - Vocals Jenny – a Dallas native – is a returning member of Bricks In the Wall, after a six-year hiatus t..... View Profile
Justin Krause - Drums Justin has been playing since age 12, listening to all types of music. He has toured Europe and all ..... View Profile
Gunter Heydman - Lead guitar/lap steel/vocals I began playing guitar at 16 and played in several bands over the years. I joined Bricks in the Wall..... View Profile
Vincent Guerin - Keyboards/Vocals Vince began piano at age five, born and raised in Tyler, TX. By nine, he was studying under one of t..... View Profile
Red January - Vocals RED: the hottest color in the spectrum. It symbolizes boldness and intense heat; is daring and unto..... View Profile
Casey Richardson - Video Engineer Casey has been working in video since 1996. Since joining the band, he has incorporated many of the..... View Profile
Jay Hogg - Tour Manager/Sound Engineer Jay was a contractor for Pink Floyd’s famous Brittania Row Productions and worked with Floyd durin..... View Profile
Rick Hellman - Laser Engineer Rick studied under the legendary laser guru, Steve Jander who was responsible for designing Roger Wa..... View Profile
Ryan Vaughn - Light Engineer When Ryan isn’t touring the country with the band, he is busy as his alter-ego DJ Ryan and spins i..... View Profile